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Pair O' Dice Games

We're a couple of long-time gamers who are interested in all aspects of gaming, and especially focused on board games, card games, and role playing games.

Board games, card games, role playing games and more in our Games Blog!

Games and Game Resources by Pair O' Dice Games:

Game Reviews

Want game reviews? You'll be able to find them in the Pair O' Dice Games blog. Featuring a mixture of articles on old and new games, we review board games and card games for the gaming enthusiast.

Game House Rules

If every game design was perfect, house rules might not be very popular. Yet few game designs cover all the bases, and for some gamers almost any game benefits from a little tinkering and rules modification. We offer our favorite house rules for the enjoyment of all.

Game Design

Designing a game is a difficult and complex task, which explains why there are so many games that don't quite get it right. We have been amateur game designers for many years, with an eye toward entering the indie game development field. Find out what we'll contribute to the game design scene.

Role Playing Games

From White Wolf's line to Shadowrun, D&D, and all kinds of games in between, we've played them, game-mastered them, and built up characters and campaigns for them. Occasionally we'll publish fledgling ideas or even full-blown adventures that we've made. Plus any other role playing games resources we develop.

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